Why Aren’t My Gums Pink?

Why Aren’t My Gums Pink?

I have a couple of questions. 1. Why aren’t my gums pink? and  2. Do red gums automatically mean that there’s something wrong, especially if my gums have been pink in the past?

Some people naturally have different colored gums.  When we make dentures for individuals, I can choose from about 8 different shades of pink. They range from a pale pink to a brownish pink. If your gums are red, it usually means you have inflamation.  We humans are often habitual in our behaviors.  This means that every day when you brush your teeth you may brush the same way.  So if you miss an area, you miss it almost every day.  Plaque build-up will cause redness in the areas you miss.  Examine the gumlines very carefully.  Often you will see a thick white line of plaque right on the gum line.

Different medications affect your saliva, either decreasing your saliva or changing your pH.  Even your diet cant effect your saliva.  When your saliva is out of balance you can get red tissues.

Sleeping with your mouth open can dry it out, and lead to red tissues.  Mouth breathing in general may cause this.

And of course, if you have hard deposits that lie under your gums, you will have inflamation in these areas.

Some mouth washes help your saliva, some dry you up even more.  Some kill so many bacteria including your healthy flora that will lead to red tissues.

There are systemic problems that can lead to red tissues in your mouth, as well.