What Kind of Toothbrush and Toothpaste Do You Recommend?


What Kind of Toothbrush and Toothpaste Do You Recommend?

Great question!

I always recommend a soft toothbrush.  I prefer the bristles to be all the same length.  The head of the brush will look flat rather than ramped up.  When brushing, I recommend that you angle the bristles so they are pointing toward the gums (so that is up for the uppers and down for the lowers) and place the bristles half on the tooth and half on the gum.  The target area is the space underneath the gum.

The microorganisms in your mouth want to survive just as much as you do, and they can outsmart you.  They hide where you do not go.  They want a warm moist environment.  If they can snuggle deep under your gums by eating their way there, they will.  They can even morph into anaerobic bacteria verses aerobic bacteria.  Anaerobes are very difficult to control, so you want to clean this area underneath your gum from the get go.  Do not let it get out of hand.  You want to avoid sweeping your brush back and forth.  You want to place it in this one position and vibrate it against your teeth and gums.

Then actually lift it off, and replace it one or two teeth ahead.  You must be methodical about this and you must stay in the moment.  Most people are “out the door” in their heads after 20 seconds of brushing!  The other important piece of information is flossing. If you don’t floss, the microorganisms will hide between your teeth.  It is simple.  You have clean 360 degrees around the neck of each tooth to stay healthy.  Every 24 hours this should be done to out smart the bugs. I encourage you to make this a game you know you can win!!!!!

As far as toothpaste, I like Tom’s without Fluoride.  It is easy to purchase.  There are other products that you can get at dentist’s offices or online that are very good.  Tooth & Gum Tonic is great.  They were recently sold and you can go on line to see who is manufacturing it now.  Kiss My Face also has a holistic approach to mouth wash and toothpaste. Even finding out about oral health products can be a journey.

Thanks for your inquiry.

Dr. Dian M. Olah